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17 February 2013 @ 09:13 pm
Personal meme~  
Hello! I filled out this long meme so you can all get to know me a little better! I found it through google so I have no idea who made it orz XDD

Name/nickname: Jackie
D.O.B.: 1993.08.27
Country of residence: the Netherlands
Blood group: A
Length: 1.70m
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Usually dyed brown or blonde or black or red
Race: Caucasian
Piercings/tattoos: No piercings except for a few in my ears and one tattoo
Charm point: Ears
A few words to describe your personality: Down to earth, likes to engage into discussions
Dominant hand and foot: Right for both
Eyesight: -1.5
Weakness: Cute people wearing duffle coats can make me do basically anything
Your little pride: My grandma
Health problems: I’m allergic to almost everything and have been bedridden-sick almost every other week ever since I was 15.
What do you wear to sleep?: My leopard print pjs
Your pose when sleeping?: All wrapped into my blankets
How long do you bath?: Usually around 20 minutes I think?
Where do you wash first?: My face
What is your best mimic impression?: I can monomane Domoto Koichi and Muro Tatsuki pretty well!
Favorite place to shop: Little boutiques no one knows of and sell stuff for cheap
Most expensive thing you ever bought: My baiki
What you can apologize for: Never being able to attend important family parties because I’m always too sick to get out for more than a few hours
Favorite fashion item: I’m wearing my Stockholm sweater almost every day when I get home
Hair cut you want to try: I’m very pleased with my latest haircut, which is a short bob and dyed rather blonde. But I like changing my hair a lot.
What are you into: Languages, writing, movies, all kinds of media
Favorite phrase: Nandeyanen?
Favorite song: Changes every day, I really can’t say
Favorite movie: I really enjoyed Eight Rangers! And Gantz. And I've seen 8uppers maybe 20 times. And I love all Kanju things. As for non-Japanese, I like movies such as Django Unchained and Inception.
Favorite book: I don’t read books except for my studies
Favorite manga: I don’t read manga. But Bleach would be my favorite anime if that also counts?
Favorite TV show: Shounen Club I guess for Japanese ones. And anything with Kanju. But on tv Top Gear is one of the few things I still watch.
Favorite food: Anything with chicken
Least favorite food: Couscous
Favorite emoticon: XDDD
What are you afraid of most?: Sand… And rats.
What did you cry about recently?: It’s been a long time since I last cried… Probably because I was very sick.
What did you laugh about recently?: When I was recently watching 8EST Matsuri Zen Kouen Digest with my sis we had to stop halfway through the janken part because we were laughing so much it really started to hurt a lot. And it kept on hurting for several days XD
What were you happy about recently?: I recently got my new driver’s license, the old one was stolen two years ago
What were you angered about recently?: I don’t get angry easily. I do feel annoyed when people keep on complaining.
What did you dream about recently?: Fuma kept on following me around and wanted to become my friend but I didn’t really like him that much so I tried to subtly get rid of him. I think this is a result of watching Mirai Nikki?
Favorite type of boy?: Tall, dark eyes and hair, has a strong own opinion and likes to argue/discuss about it with me. Also has old-fashioned principles and shows respects to his elders.
Favorite haircut for a boy: Short I guess, but depends on the person really. As for idols I have a thing for red hair. But black is nice too.
Favorite fashion for boys: Jeans which are a bit baggy but not too much, neat v-neck t-shirt or sweater and timberlands.
Ideal kiss situation: Hmm I guess anytime it comes natural is perfect? And I prefer the short peck on the lips over the deeper ones.
How would you want a boy to confess?: Simply saying how he feels when it’s just the two of us. Nothing special romantic please.
How would you want your boy to call you?: By my name or nickname
How many times have you experienced confession: 4 different guys. And 3 times by that last guy.
What would you not want a boy to do?: Be overly romantic, or act different with me in front of his friends. Just be yourself.
What would you give a boy (presents)?: Depends on the boy. Something I know he’s really into?
What phrase would make you happy if a boy says this to you: That he likes me just the way I am.
What would shock you?: If something horrible would happen? Or something really nice but unexpected? I don’t know.
Your boyfriend is late. How long would you wait?: If he informs me he’ll be late I’ll wait forever, but if he doesn’t I’ll be gone in 15 minutes. If I’m far from home maybe half an hour.
When was your first love?: Does kindergarten count? But I’ve never been head-over-heals in love anyway.
Your proposal words?: Would you marry me?
When would you marry?: Preferably in my late 20s.
How many kids do you want?: I’m not sure if I want kids. If I do, then probably one or two.
Anything you want to say to your future husband?: Come meet me already!
What would you name your kids?: An unusual name with many vowels
What does your family call you by?: My first name, or the first part of my first name
Your first ever memory that you remember: When I was playing with other kids at daycare. I was maybe three years old?
What did you want to be when you were little?: Primary school teacher
Most serious injury you ever experienced: My shoulder likes to get dislocated every now and then
Lessons you took when you were little: Martial arts and all types of dancing, origami
Favorite place at school: The campus cafe?
Favorite curriculum: Journalism
Least favorite curriculum: Anthropology
How do you spend your break time?: Eating and catching some fresh air if the weather allows it
The longest phone conversation: Maybe 30 minutes. I don’t like talking on the phone.
How many numbers are in your cell phone?: No more than 30
Where would you want to go?: I’d like to travel the whole world but most of all Japan.
Most respectful person: My dad? As for famous people, I recently gained a lot of respect for Kitayama.
Who do want to meet the most?: I really wouldn’t know. Any of my biases. No, I’d want to meet someone who’d want to meet me too so we could have a decent conversation.
Most desired thing right now: Johnny’s goodies. A car. And a decent apartment.
Most respectful senior: I don’t know. I’m usually the one taking care of others and giving advice. Oh, I admire Higashino Keigo. Because he rocks.
If you were to become the prime minister of Japan: I’d have a shitty job.
What would you do if you to become a boy?: Pee against every tree I meet. Yes.
You won 3 billion yen from a lottery, what would you do?: Put some onto my savings account, buy some stuff for my friends and family. Book myself a flight to Japan. And around the world. And then buy a lot of Johnny’s stuff.
What would you want to be if you were reborn?: Bell. No, just kidding. But I like this human life. Maybe a little healthier would be nice.
Your house is on fire. What do you grab out?: Except for the other people in the house? Anything within my reach, really. Everything could be replaced so I’d just get the hell out of there.
The last day of Earth. What would you do?: Laugh at everyone thinking it’s the last day of earth.
Who do you want from JE to be your boyfriend?: Ryusei please.
Who do you want from JE to be your older or little brother?: Older: Kitayama. Younger: Juri.
What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years?: Do your best?
A person who is sensitive (can’t stand) to heat or to cold?: I hate the heat
Are you an impatient or patient person?: Very impatient.
Are you an romantic or a realistic person?: Realistic. I dislike anything romantic. Life isn’t about roses.
Your hobby right now: Does fangirling count?
First thing you do when you wake up is?: Check phone for messages and use the bathroom.
How long does it take you to get out of the house from waking up in the morning?: One or two hours. Depends on where I’m going.
Do you check the forecast before you leave?: No, just taking a glance at the sky is the best forecast for me.
What do you do in your room?: Sleep, mostly
Are you a bathtub type or shower type?: Shower
What do you always do before you go to bed?: Listen to music
How well do you sleep? Good or bad?: Long but badly
Is your mood good or bad, when you wake up?: Not too good but it gets better quickly
How long is your average sleep?: At the moment I guess 9 hours
How long have you slept for the longest?: Almost 24 hours without waking up even once O.o
Are you type of person who shows their feeling by face?: Yes. I can't lie.
How do you get rid of stress?: Watching things that make me happy
Is your room clean?: Yes. Well, maybe not really clean but it’s always tidy.
Do you have any wording habit?: I don’t know, actually. Oh wait, I use “actually” a lot.
When is a moment when you think "I'm cool"?: When someone compliments me on something I spend a lot of work on.
When is a moment when you think “I’m not cool.. !?”: When I’m totally unaware of something everyone else knows and I’m supposed to know as well.

That's it! So now you know me a little better! I'll also post a meme about Johnny's soon! :DD
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Jackie: Hikarucometbender on June 25th, 2013 06:33 am (UTC)
Hi Eri, nice to meet you! I've added you as a fried :D
Thanks for reading my translations ^_^ unfortunately I haven't had time to update my lj these last months because school was super busy...
It's been some time since I filled in these memes so some things might have changed lol, I really need to check these. But I like many many Johnny's, especially the younger groups and juniors! But it's so hard to tell you who my bias is right now since it changes every other week haha XD
What about you?