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30 December 2012 @ 11:23 pm
Matching clothes: Kanju edition!  
The Kanju always have the most beautiful costumes, and I assume they're made specially for them because I never see other Jrs wearing them. But in the latest Osaka SC eps and recent Kanju appearances in the regular SC eps, I noticed them wearing many costumes which do remember seeing others wear before. Since this doesn't happen too often and I love paying attention to these kind of things, I'll show you some screencaps here!

First and foremost, Akito was wearing the same jacket Fujigaya wore during his solo in the Aeru de Show vol. 3 concert! (sorry for the bad quality caps, I was being lazy)
akito  Gaya

Then 7WEST came out with costumes which Tokyo Jrs have worn before. I think both B.I.Shadow and Ya-Ya-Yah have worn these? Hmm I guess because there's 4 versions of this outfit, so it's only for groups with 4 members?


Then Junta and I think two of the KinKan boys were wearing the same costumes Sexy Zone used during their promotion of the Sexy Summer single.


And later on B.A.D. was wearing the same red costumes I've recently seen on noon boyz.


What's more...? 7WEST was also wearing this costime which was also recently seen on the Tokyo Jrs for the first time (I think?).


And this one surprised me the most! When some of the Kanju appeared in a recent SC, they wore KAT-TUN's costumes from the Queen of Pirates tour! Isn't it weird for Jrs to wear outfits which were specially made for members of a debuted group?


Nakamaru  Kame

OK that's it. Let me know what you think! :D ♥
Current Music: Fujigaya Taisuke - Love meee
Shibarushibaru11 on January 14th, 2013 09:19 am (UTC)
you're a very good observer i must say...
i could only catch that Akito - Taipi same costume but never noticed the rest...
Johnny knows how to save money, i guess....