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21 November 2012 @ 07:00 pm
Translation: DUET April 2012, d-SEARCH  
This time I translated the d-SEARCH from DUET Magazine's April issue. In my opinion, this one is the most interesting one of all issues I translated so far. The research theme was simply "stage name". DUET asked our idols what they would like as their stage name. Some of them anwered with their ideal name or nickname, while some made up something right there and then. There are some rather creative ones in there as well, I didn't really get all of them either XD. Also, since some of these answers really didn't make sense without their explanation, I translated those as well! Let me know what you think! :)

Research theme: Stage name

Masuda Takahisa: Masuda Takahisa [I'd put the "Takahisa" in hiragana. "Massu" is also fine]
Tegoshi Yuya: Tegoshi Lionel Yuya [I took it from the soccer player Lionel Messi. You can call me "LioYu" then (laugh)]
Kato Shigeaki: Guido [Well, I just changed my name? (laugh)]
Koyama Keiichiro: Keiichiro [I like my own name, and if you call me something else, I probably won't respond (laugh). So I took off my surname and just "Keiichiro" is fine!]

Yamashita Tomohisa: John [If I had to make one up, I want an amazing name. After a lot of thinking, it's "John". It has some impact, right? (laugh)]

Taguchi Junnosuke: Simon [Junno. Ah, let's not do that. I want something like Laura~. Simon! Doesn't that sound rather suspiscious?]
Nakamaru Yuichi: Nakamura Yuichi [Because I'm often mistaken as this]
Tanaka Koki: (series of random kanji) [Isn't it manly? It's totally not easy to pronounce or remember though (laugh)]
Kamenashi Kazuya: Dai Mei [Eh, a stage name? A stage name... Then, Dai Mei]
Ueda Tatsuya: Prototype 32 [I don't think Ueda Tatsuya is a bad name, but the surname Ueda is common. Isn't a robot-style name good?]

Hey! Say! JUMP
Yamada Ryosuke: Nakasaki Ryuta [Because Yamada sounds ordinary...(laugh)]
Inoo Kei: Dinosaur Inoo [I like dinosaurs, so I'd like to eat meat just like a dinosaur (laugh)]
Yabu Kota: Yabu's stick [When I was in DREAM BOYS, Kamenashi-kun called me this (laugh). So I'll go with this]
Chinen Yuri: Ohno Satoshi [I wrote that, but the surname isn't read as "Ohno", it's Shouno Satoshi! (plainly)]
Takaki Yuya: KIBUN [Because I'll do anything the way I feel like (laugh)]
Nakajima Yuto: Yuto [I'm sorry to my father, but "Nakajima" is a normal name. I've been told it's easy to call "Yuto", so how is "Yuto" in characters? (laugh)]
Arioka Daiki: 238 [A name replaced by numbers is good. "238" will become "Fumiya"? That's nice. In kanji it would be "府味屋"? That's like a restaurant (laugh)]
Yaotome Hikaru: Something like Hide or Tetsu or Ken [I'd like to have a name with two syllables (laugh)]
Okamoto Keito: Okamoto Kenji (岡本健二) [I changed Kenichi-san's "一" to "二" (laugh). If it were a foreign sounding name, wouldn't something like "Charles" be good?]

Kitayama Hiromitsu: Kitayama Ryuu [When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be called something like "Ryuu" because it's manly. Anyway, a single kanji is the best. I remember I asked my dad "Why is Hiromitsu two characters!" (laugh). I think I also wrote my ideal name in my notes, but I forgot]
Yokoo Wataru: Tateo Wataru [Since long ago, I'm sometimes called like this. They change "Yokoo"(horizontal) to "Tate"(vertical)]
Miyata Toshiya: Ani*mal Toshiya [Nikaido just made that up]
Fujigaya Taisuke: Taisuke [My "Taisuke" is often mistaken as "Daisuke", and I don't like that. So I'll use my full first name. This way people will properly call me "Taisuke", right?]
Senga Kento: Senga Chris Kento [Something English sounds nice. Please call me "Chris" or "Chri"]
Nikaido Takashi: Parallel Nika [I came up with that just now. So, what does "parallel" mean? (laugh)]
Tamamori Yuta: Katsuragi Ren [In the drama "Ikemen desu ne" I acted out Katsuragi Ren. Doesn't that sound really cool? It's a very good name]

Sexy Zone
Sato Shori: Winwin [Shori is "WIN" in English, so Winwin. I asked Marius, and in German it's "GEWINNEN". I thought that would be nice, but it's too difficult so I changed my mind]
Matsushima Sou: Mattsushi Mangrove [This is from when we were doing a concert. But I don't know who came up with it]
Marius Yo: MY (These are my initials. I use this a lot. I always make an illustration of a leaf on the "Y"]
Nakajima Kento: KJ [K is the first letter of Kento, J is from the trump card Joker. It could also be the J from Johnny's]
Kikuchi Fuma: FU-MA [I won't tell you who or what that refers to. "Mufufu" is the only thing I'll say (laugh)]

Tsukada Ryoichi: Ryoichi [I'd take off my surname and just go with "Ryoichi"!]
Kawai Fumito: Just Kawai Fumito is fine! [I think Fumito is a rare name, so I'll leave it like that~. Kawai is a common surname though, so when I see people with a rare surname, I think "that's nice~". A name like Fujigaya is cool. By the way, as a nickname "Ouma-san" would do. There's a rival Ouma-san in the west though (Hamada Takahiro), but I won't lose! Oh well, but he has sloping shoulders~ (laugh)]
Hashimoto Ryosuke: Hashimoto Keisuke [A close friend of mine is called Keisuke, so I'd go with Keisuke. We call each other "Keisuke" and "Ryosuke", so we're the K & K combi. We're really close~. By the way, in Johnny's I think Sato Shori-kun has a cool name]
Totsuka Shota: Totsuka D Shota [I think I should inherit the will of D!]
Goseki Koichi: I'll leave it as Goseki Koichi! [I'm fine with my name as it is. I'm only worried about how I never manage to write the "koi" character in a cool way. There's this "光" as the lower part. Kitayama is good at characters, so I wanted to try to imitate his "光". I asked Kitayama to write my name as an example, but as I thought, I suck at writing...(sweat)]

Goto Hiromi: Goto Hiroki (In the past, I didn't like having a girl-like name, so I thought Hiroki would be good]
Fujiie Kazuyori: Maru Maru Mori Mori
Igo Akun: Carry Akyu Akyu
Yodogawa Yoshihiro: Candy Yodi [I thought of this because of the candy in the photoshoot] (Question? posed with lollipops in this DUET issue)
Ishigaki Daisuke: てへぺろ [Just somehow...]

Johnny's Jr
Uchi Hiroki: Jasmine tea [Because I like it]
Matsumura Hokuto: Star Hokuto Seven [I'll become Hokuto Shichisei!] (asterism of 7 stars)
Kouchi Yugo: Ganko-chan [Because I'm stubborn (=ganko). But I'll add "chan" at the end to make it cuter]
Tanaka Juri: Jurinpeas [What just popped into my head is green peas. It's a food I don't like, but I couldn't think of anything else, so that's where it comes from (laugh)]
Hagiya Keigo: SD BOY [I took the inital "S" from SONG and "D" from DANCE. It's these two I'm putting the most effort in at the moment]
Morimoto Shintaro: Chicken Taro [I'm a real scaredy cat, so I changed the first character to chicken (laugh)]
Hanazawa Akatsuki: AKATSUKI [Hmm, I couldn't really think of anything, so I'll go with this (laugh)]
Jesse Lewis: Satou Masaya [I think a Japanese-like name is nice. Satou is my mother's birth name, and Masaya is my middle name]
Kyomoto Taiga: Crazy Taiga [My friends often tell me I'm "crazy"]

Nakayama Yuma: YU-MA [I thought something in European writing would be nice (laugh)]

Kiriyama Akito: U Don [Something like La France?]
Nakama Junta: Junjun

Fujii Ryusei: Ryu! Say! [Like Hey! Say! JUMP. By the way, I've been told Ryusei is an old stage name]
Kotaki Nozomu: Kotaki Mii [As opposed to Kanjani8's Yokoyama You-kun]
Shingaki Yuto: GAKITO [Isn't that great...]
Kamiyama Tomohiro: G.O.D. [I've wanted to use this since a long time ago]
Takemoto Shinpei: Kira [It's easy to remember, and it means I'm sparkling]

Hamada Takahiro w/ Veteran
Yamasaki Kunta: Kunkun
Kikuoka Masahiro: kyuet [Just like duet]
Hamanaka Bunichi: Haikaradon Bunichi [Shall we take it this time?]
Muro Tatsuki: 室室亭すべ龍 (Couldn't really translate this to English)
Muro Ryuta: Dragon Fat [That's my name in English]
Hamada Takahiro: Hamaurara [Because it's a famous horse]

T/N: I really liked this question! Some of them came up with such creative names XD. I personally really like Kamiyama's "G.O.D.", since 神 (Kami) = god. Hmm and this time only Shige seems to be missing?

Niyonahtaisuke on November 21st, 2012 11:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translate :)
yuih_otakaishiyuih_otakaishi on November 22nd, 2012 01:02 am (UTC)
Thank you again for this and for adding their explanations!

LOL to Inoo, Dinosaur Inoo! -> you gluttonous boy!

Jesse-> Satou Masaya? Hm, doesn't fit him though.

Shintaro-> Chicken Taro! So cute! At least he admits he's a scaredy cat!