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20 September 2012 @ 06:54 pm
Translation: DUET September 2012, D-1 Grand Prix  

Translation time! It's been way too long since I last posted here, so I thought I'd liven up my LJ a little and write out the rankings of the little booklet "D-1 Grand Prix" which came with DUET magazine of September 2012, and I translated the few lines of the Jr part. The readers of DUET had to vote which idol they thought would fit a certain topic best, and for the last questions the Jrs had to vote for which Jr they thought fit the topic best.
I don't have any scans of the booklet, but I'm sure they're floating around on the internet somewhere? I was surpised by some of the results, to be honest.


Q1. Idol I’d like to be friends with

1. Arioka Daiki
2. Kiriyama Akito
3. Miyata Toshiya
4. Nikaido Takashi
5. Yaotome Hikaru
6. Kikuchi Fuma
7. Nakajima Yuto
8. Kitayama Hiromitsu
9. Chinen Yuri

Q2. Idol I’d like as a lover

1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Fujigaya Taisuke
3. Tamamori Yuta
4. Arioka Daiki
5. Nakajima Kento
6. Chinen Yuri
7. Shigeoka Daiki
8. Kikuchi Fuma
9. Sato Shori
10. Nakayama Yuma

Q3. Idol I’d like as my older brother

1. Yabu Kota
2. Kitayama Hiromitsu
3. Fujigaya Taisuke
4. Nakajima Kento
5. Kikuchi Fuma

Q4. Idol who appears to be strong in a fight

1. Takaki Yuya
2. Fujigaya Taisuke
3. Tanaka Koki
4. Nakajima Kento
5. Kikuchi Fuma

Q5. Idol I’d like as my younger brother

1. Marius Yo
2. Chinen Yuri
3. Morimoto Shintaro
4. Matsushima Sou
5. Sato Shori

Q6. Idol who seems to be easily moved to tears

1.  Yamada Ryosuke
2. Tamamori Yuta
3. Okamoto Keito
4. Arioka Daiki
5. Miyata Toshiya

Q7. Idol who seems fashionable

1. Masuda Takahisa
2. Tamamori Yuta
3. Yamada Ryosuke
4. Okamoto Keito
5. Fujigaya Taisuke

Q8. Idol who seems clever

1. Inoo Kei
2. Kitayama Hiromitsu
3. Yabu Kota
4. Nakama Junta
5. Nakajima Kento

Q9. Idol who seems to love eating

1. Okamoto Keito
2. Yokoo Wataru
3. Masuda Takahisa
4. Yamada Ryosuke
5. Yamasaki Kunta

Q10. Idol who seems to like cooking

1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Senga Kento
3. Matsushima Sou
4. Yokoo Wataru
5. Kamiyama Tomohiro

Q11. Idol who looks sexy

1. Fujigaya Taisuke
2. Yamada Ryosuke
3. Nakajima Kento
4. Kamenashi Kazuya
5. Kikuchi Fuma
6. Takaki Yuya
7. Kotaki Nozomu
8. Yamashita Tomohisa
9. Fujii Ryusei
10. Kitayama Hiromitsu

Q12. Idol who looks good in suits

1. Kamenashi Kazuya
2. Koyama Keiichiro
3. Sakurai Sho
4. Tamamori Yuta
5. Nakajima Kento

Q13. Idol who looks good in school uniform

1. Nakajima Kento
2. Sato Shori
3. Yamada Ryosuke
4. Nakajima Yuto
5. Kikuchi Fuma

Q14. Idol I’d like as my pet

1. Chinen Yuri
2. Marius Yo
3. Takemoto Shinpei
4. Tamamori Yuta
5. Matsushima Sou

Q 15. Idol who’s good at all sports

1. Chinen Yuri
2. Sato Shori
3. Shingaki Yuto
4. Kitayama Hiromitsu
5. Tsukada Ryoichi

Q16. Idol who suits crossdressing

1. Chinen Yuri
2. Fujigaya Taisuke
3. Marius Yo
4. Kyomoto Taiga
5. Tegoshi Yuya

Q17. Idol who seems to like sleeping

1. Chinen Yuri
2. Kitayama Hiromitsu
3. Ohno Satoshi
4. Fujii Ryusei
5. Tamamori Yuta

Q18. Idols who seem to be close friends

1. Arioka Daiki & Yamada Ryosuke
2. Senga Kento & Nikaido Takashi
3. Tamamori Yuta & Miyata Toshiya
4. Nakajima Kento & Kikuchi Fuma
5. Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri

Johnny’s Jr. big questionnaire!

Q1. Jr. you’d like as your lover (chosen by Jrs)

1. Kotaki Nozomu
“There’s a gap, he’s really cool” (Takemoto Shinpei)
“It’s because he’s 7WEST’s mother. By the way, I’m the father.” (Kamiyama Tomohiro)
“Because he’s a kind guy” (Shingaki Yuto)
“Because you can boast about it if he’s your lover” (Fujii Ryusei)
“Because he’s really kind” (Kaneuchi Toma)

2. Kiriyama Akito
“It’ll definitely be fun. He’s the outdoor type, so he’ll take me to all kinds of places” (Kotaki Nozomu)
“He’s tolerating, so I can be at ease” (Hamanaka Bunichi)
“Every day will be fun” (Hamada Takahiro)
“We’ll go look at scary things… (laugh)” (Shigeoka Daiki)

3. Tanaka Juri
“He’ll entertain you” (Morimoto Shintaro)
“He won’t run out of things to talk about” (Matsumura Hokuto)
“He’s always nice to me” (Inoue Mizuki)

Q2. Jr. you think would be popular (chosen by Jrs)

1. Junguji Yuta
“His facial expression! It gives off this aura which will make him popular!” (Kuramoto Kaoru)
“His appearance is always neat, so it’s decided” (Nakamura Kaito)
“He’s cool!” (Nakamura Reia)
“He has a good sense” (Inoue Mizuki)
“His name and face are cool” (Yasui Kentaro)

2. Nakama Junta
“His face is just handsome” (Mukai Koji)
“Because he’s sparkling like a celeb” (Yamasaki Kunta)
“He’s wealthy like a prince… (laugh)” (Takemoto Shinpei)
“His aura is always emerging” (Hamanaka Bunichi)

3. Tanaka Juri
“He’s funny, and girls will like his face too” (Matsumura Hokuto)
“Because he’s cool, and a little goofy (Abe Aran)
“Because he’s funny” (Kyomoto Taiga)
“Because he’s super cool” (Tanaka Juri)

Q3. Jr activities you like doing most (chosen by Jrs)

1. Concert
2. Dance
3. To be able to experience many things

T/N: lol at Juri voting for himself at the popularity contest XD. And Chinen would suit crossdressing best? Really?

sakisshisakisshi on September 20th, 2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
thanks for sharing the translation....