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03 March 2012 @ 09:17 am
I should totally write here more often.  
Okay so maybe it's time for me to start writing more frequently here. It's not that I'm not active in the fandom - I'm doing my best in following some of my favorite JE groups but most of all I'm active as a translator and other things over at jounetsu_8. Though compared to how much time I put in fangirling, this journal is totally dead. It's just that I often always to take the time to write something here between fangirling, translating, school, work and friends xD. Ah, wouldn't it be perfect if I were studying Japanese and earing money for my translation work for the fandom at the same time? I'd have so much more free time! Well, no such luck for me.

Now onto the actually interesing part of this entry: I found another pair wearing the same clothes! This time it's Yamada x Yasu!

 First of all, this is Yamada from SC 2011.06.10 (Jounetsu_8 subbed the Jr Nekketsu Battle)

 And this is Yasu from 8UPPERS!

They're totally the same! Took me so long to figure out where I had seen Yamada's shirt before but I finally found it! I love these little coincidences ♥