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05 April 2018 @ 10:55 pm
Translation: J Movie Magazine vol.33 - Sotsugyou Bakamentary crosstalk  
I've done a quick translation of the Hama-chan/Ryusei crosstalk in J Movie Magazine about their drama. Unfortunately I cannot scan the pages but I'm sure the scans are out there somewhere! The fotoshoot was also worth checking out, I must say. It's interesting to see the cool Ryusei and Hama-chan next to their drama characters ^^

When I read this interview, I felt touched by how the boys described their characters and how they did their best to portray them in a natural way. I'm sorry if I haven't been able to convey the tiny cute details through the translation, it's been a while since I've done any magazine translations so I've been struggling >.<

Sotsugyou Bakamentery revolves around four excellent students of a prestigious university: Gaku (Fujii Ryusei), Mao (Hamada Takahiro), Koki (Maeda Koki) and Jun (Yoshida Yasunao). The four of them are struggling to meet girls, and want to become real men before the upcoming graduation. A documentary-style camera follows them around on their adventures.
If you haven't seen it yet, get the subs here!


A group of 4 boys who are unexperienced in love.

- “Sotsugyou Bakamentary” is interesting because of its surreal and unpredictable conversations between 4 elite university students, but what do you think is the highlight of this drama?

It’s about 4 students who are clumsy and have never had a girlfriend, but as you can see them struggling to become real adults before graduating, you will realize that they have many cute sides. There are many moments where you can sympathize with them, as they foolishly try all kinds of things to move forward and become real men.

That’s right. You can see that even though they are smart enough to be in an elite university, they completely lose the ability to talk when they are in front of a girl. That’s cute. I think the story is very interesting, as you can see how each character has something that makes you think “He could never get a girlfriend like this…”, but they still keep trying.

- Fujii’s character, Horiguchi Gaku, has a unique personality and easily gets a nosebleed. Was there anything you had to pay special attention to when playing him?

Gaku is a person who easily panics over anything. I wanted to create a character who easily freaks out over things, and then I realized that I used to be like that myself. I used to have the habit to scratch through my hair whenever I panicked, didn’t I (laugh)? Since I thought Gaku would be the type of person to do that too, I brought it into the character. Also, I thought he would the type to scratch and touch his body for no reason when he is nervous, so I wanted to add that habit as well. Basically, Gaku loses all confidence when something involves romance, so I tried to show how uneasy he was feeling through all kinds of gestures.

- The bent back is also an important point.

That’s right. Gaku is the tallest of all, so when he stands up straight, he appears too strong. So I had to bend my back the whole time while acting, and that really made my back and shoulders hurt. I had to get massages to unravel my shoulder blades again (laugh).

- It was too much on your back (laugh).
Hamada’s character, Yonezawa Mao, has a strong sense of virtue and only wants to date a girl with the intention of marrying her. How did you act out this serious Mao?

Mao usually is a gentle and quiet person, but when he gets into it, he does unexplainable things. But as he doesn’t have bad intentions, he is forgiven for it. His actions will make you think “Why?”, but above all, he appears to be cute and innocent.

- You also made his way of walking a little clumsy…

That’s right. Because he has always only focused on studying, he’s not very athletic.

We added clumsiness in various places. Like stumbling over something…

- Your clothes and overall appearance has been made more dull.

It’s been made very uncool. But I feel like it’s not very different from my own clothes (laugh).

No, no, aren’t Mao’s clothes more stylish than Hama-chan’s clothes?

Yes. They may seriously be more stylish than my own clothes. I usually just wear training suits, so Mao’s outfits are already more stylish (laugh). By the way, Ryusei showed up at our rehearsal in clothes that were very much like Gaku’s. I also wore something similar to Mao’s clothes, but it’s not very different so it didn’t stand out to the others.

- This is a story of 4 students who have their last spring before graduation captured by documentary cameras, making for a lot of reality footage.

The first thing the director told us, was “This is not a drama. It’s a documentary, so please do not worry about the camera angles.”. So we started talking without worrying about the camera, making us totally forget about it. Sometimes the director would tell Ryusei “Did your character just appear?” outside the filming, that’s how natural it was.

That’s true. The cameras were always filming, so we didn’t even know exactly when a scene started or ended. It was a new way of filming. I think the most interesting scenes were the personal interviews with our characters, where each of our personalities could really come out.

Yes. When watching the episodes, I thought “So this is how it turned out”. Ryusei was so natural when being interviewed as Gaku, that for a moment I wondered if it was the real Ryusei (laugh). It somehow was a strange feeling.

I know what you mean. Normally when acting, the director tells me exactly what to do. What I learned with this drama, is how difficult it is to act naturally. When I wanted to put too much feelings into my acting, the director told me to “play it down”. For Johnny’s WEST’s drama “Blazing Transfer Students REBORN”, we had to over-act all our reactions. Even though I play a university student again now, I learned to play this in a completely different taste.

That is true. With this drama, I learned to play the “super realistic” genre.

I think that as we played these characters who went through a growth, we managed to grow a little with them. With this drama I thoroughly experienced what it’s like to act in a realistic way, so I hope to use it again in my future roles.

- The final episode is about to air. What would you call the highlight?

Since there are many episodes that show funny things that boys can definitely recognize to have done together, I hope you will laugh while watching it. In the end, it’s all about whether Gaku, Mao and the others can become adults within the time limit of their graduation. I hope you will watch over the boys as they go through a growth process.

Since the first episode, the four of them have leaned many things through failure. I hope you will watch the results of that. I would be glad if you can watch the ending and as you see these four desperate boys working hard, it will make you think “I will do my very best at something, too!” and make you feel cheerful and positive.
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HikaMiya Jasmineyusasihina on April 5th, 2018 03:37 pm (UTC)

Thank You ⊂(^・^)⊃

blackjack_g20: pic#128296167blackjack_g20 on April 5th, 2018 05:09 pm (UTC)

Woah! When I was watching I thought ryusei’s character was meant to scratch himself and stuff but I didn’t know he thought of that himself! It’s actually really cool to see them try this method-ish form of acting compared to blazing Transfer students ^-^

Jackie: Ryusei capcometbender on April 6th, 2018 03:44 am (UTC)
Ikr! It's sweet how they put so much thought into these characters ♥ but it sure must have been hard to play after Blazing Transfer Students xD
bwahsky09 on April 15th, 2018 01:59 pm (UTC)
thank you for translating! :DD